main mint : landfall

DECEMBER 4TH 2021, 1900 UTC

The story of the gasless geese

Once upon a time, there lived a gaggle of 3,333 geese that set sail from their home in search of the promised land. They spent years passing through perilous waters riddled with a costly conflict, known as the Gas Wars.

One fine day the leaders, the Golden Geese, saw a glow in the distance. They set sail on the path to it through the Open Sea and found the land they had only heard of before in myth and legend, their new home, Solana Beach.

Cackle DAO

how it works

The Cackle DAO will be funded by 30% of the initial raise and 95% of the ongoing royalties. Where this money is spent is completely up to the DAO.

However the team suggests the initial basic structure on the right to maintain the sustainable growth of the project

cackle law

How the money is used, is entirely up to The Cackle
Each Goose represents 1 vote
Any member of the Cackle can make a proposal to the Goose Council, who will facilitate a vote for implementation
The Core Team will work towards providing the necessary resources for implementation

proposed fund breakdown

charitable initiatives
incentives for dao members


First Voyagers Land
The First 500 Geese landed on Solana Beach
on October 17th 2100 UTC

1 lucky Goose was airdropped a Degen Ape at sellout
Gasless Escrow
A P2P platform designed to facilitate SOL to NFT, NFT to NFT and SOL + NFT to NFT trades in a trust-less and safe environment. The platform beta will launch on the 3rd of December, prior to our main mint, Landfall.

The platform will be open to all and free to use for all Gasless Geese holders
QR Code Enabled
All 3333 Gasless Geese in the main collection will be QR code enabled to streamline the checking of rarities, transaction history and access special content around attributes

At a later date, the QR codes will allow for customisation — connecting the background of your particular NFT to your SPL wallet or personal NFT gallery
The First Voyagers Airdrop
Each of the 500 First Voyagers will be airdropped 2 Geese from the main collection of 3333 early on December 4th
Landfall (MAIN MINT)
The main flock of 2000 will be on sale on Saturday the 4th of December at 1900 UTC. Each Goose will be 0.88 SOL
The Geese Come In Peace
The remaining 333 Geese will be given away as special invites and incentives to leaders from other projects and key members of our own
The Bridge (LAunchpad)
This is a  launchpad that will focus on providing marketing and development expertise to projects that are keen to make the move.

(Hit us up at or DM on Discord/Twitter if this is you!)

The related campaign will also  educate developers and audiences on the benefits of Solana and its ecosystem — from cheaper fees to better functionality and overall experience because of products like Phantom.
The Geese Are Everywhere
Merchandise release on website. Our artists will work closely with the community to create monthly exclusive limited edition merchandise drops.

An exclusive merchandise drop will be announced for 100 holders that hold 5 or more Geese.

Paid endorsements by both mainstream influencers and those within the Crypto/NFT ecosystem
The appointment of a 7 Goose council that will govern and moderate the community as well as the direction in which this project leads.


Who are the Gasless Geese?
A flock of 3333 unique computer-generated Gasless Geese. Minted on the blockchain to put an end to all gas wars, Solana. 
When is the arrival date?
Landfall, the main mint will include 2000/3333 Geese and will take place on the 4th of December at 1900 UTC
How many traits do the Geese possess?
Gasless Geese will be randomly generated from an array of over 150 unique attributes spanning from headwear, skin tone, clothing and more.
How can I reach the team?
 The Gasless Geese team can be accessed through our Discord. You can also DM us on Twitter @GaslessGeese
When is the full website launching?
The Geese are hard at work to ensure the website is live ASAP! Announcement soon.
How do I purchase a Goose of my own?
All Geese will be minted through the Gasless Geese website 
Where can I check the rarity chart?
Rarity for The First Voyagers can be viewed here - The Rarity and Attributes page for the main collection will launch 48 hours after the Main Sale concludes
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Anon Goose

This Goose comes from the world of Media, Content and Marketing having built and scaled businesses in the space valued at over 15 million dollars.

He is the plotter of the canvas and the unstoppable force.

Purple goose

This Goose has been around Solana since the beginning and has deployed smart contracts for many successful projects in NFTs and elsewhere in the crypto-verse.

He is the shaman of the mint and the charter of paths.

STOIC goose

This Goose comes from the world of Tech M&A and worked in strategy for multinational corporations and acquirers. He's been around Solana a long time and launched other successful projects in the ecosystem.

He is the keeper of the community and the voice of reason.

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