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Building a better Solana NFT Ecosystem.


Our flagship product is GooseSwap our P2P NFT platform that supports NFT to NFT, SOL to NFT, and Multi-NFT to Multi-NFT trades on a seamless and secure platform with leading UI/UX.

GooseSwap plans to implement features that make it a viable substitute for major marketplaces minus the fees! Stay tuned as we build

QR Enabled NFTs:

Solana’s first QR-enabled NFTs. These one-of-a-kind QR-enabled masterpieces will initially allow for click-free access to rarity and attribute checkers and brand content. In the future, these QR codes will allow for real-world activations also First Voyager holders will be able to request a special edition NFT that links to wallet or link of their choosing

Much much more to come. The Gasless Geese were built to be at the centre of innovation in the Solana ecosystem and the DAO will continue to further with the help of “The Bridge” Launchpad

Cackle DAO and $HONKS

The Cackle DAO and $HONKS token were created to reward members, safeguard their interests and ensure the long term viability of the project.

Funded by 30% of all initial NFT sale proceeds
Funded by 90% of ongoing royalties
Royalties are set at 10% of sales price

$HONKS will be the governance token for The Cackle DAO

$HONKS holders will also receive airdrops from fees accumulated in the Cackle DAO treasury from the NFT trading platform and all future projects and platforms built by the Gasless Geese and their launchpad “The Bridge”

Voting will take place through staking (the amount and time remaining on your $HONKS stake will decide how many votes)

Vesting schedules and tokenomics outlined here

More information on airdrops, governance and emissions for NFT holders on our Medium post here


The First Voyagers Mint

October 31st 2021

QR-Enabled Artwork Release

December 1st 2021

Landfall Airdrop for The First Voyagers

December 4th 2021

GooseSwap Test Version for The First Voyagers

February 1st 2022

HONKS Token Airdrop for The First Voyagers

Early March

GooseSwap Public Beta Release

15th March 2022

Landfall, Main Collection Mint

1st April, 2100 UTC

$HONKS Token Staking

Q2 2022

Special Edtion Connected QR NFTs for The First Voyagers

Q2 2022

True Social Trading - Discord Integration

Q2 2022

Decentralised Auction Platform

Q2 2022

The Bridge Launchpad

Q3 2022

Solana X Ethereum P2P NFT trades

Q3 2022


Who Are The Gasless Geese?

We are a collective of big thinkers and effective doers here to build platforms and further adoption on the Solana ecosystem.

How Can I Be A Part Of The Gasless Geese?

You can mint a Gaslees Geese NFT from our main collection, Landfall at a mint date to be announced soon.

You can also buy an NFT from our genesis collection of 500 “The First Voyagers” now on Magic Eden - https://magiceden.io/marketplace/gasless_geese_the_first_voyagers

What Benefits Do The NFT Holders Receive?

Both collections have their own unique benefits. Landfall Geese get more HONKS vested over time and The First Voyagers act as the final layer of governance for the platform and will avail access to benefits and special edition releases in the future.

The First Voyagers will get fee-free access to GooseSwap and Landfall Geese will get a 50% reduction in fees

Learn more here - https://medium.com/gasless-geese/the-cackle-dao-the-honks-token-and-how-it-all-comes-together-79f2c8c42abf

How Much Will The Main Collection Gasless Geese (Landfall) Cost?

The NFTs will cost 1 SOL for those on the whitelist and 1.5 SOL to the public.

How Do I Get On The Whitelist?

We will release the mint whitelist very soon. If you don’t want to miss out please follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord.

When Does GooseSwap Launch And When Is The Main Mint Happening?

GooseSwap will launch on the 12th of March.

The main mint date is TBA but will happen within the month of March. So stay tuned



This Goose comes from the world of Media, Content and Marketing having built and scaled businesses in the space valued at over 15 million dollars.

He is the plotter of the canvas and the unstoppable force.


This Goose has been around Solana since the beginning and has deployed smart contracts for many successful projects in NFTs and elsewhere in the crypto-verse.

He is the shaman of the mint and the charter of paths.


This Goose comes from the world of Tech M&A and worked in strategy for multinational corporations and acquirers. He's been around Solana a long time and launched other successful projects in the ecosystem.

He is the keeper of the community and the voice of reason.

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